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      ABC Sports on PCA Caddie corner.
"Six Pack" Jack Lightfoot caddie Senior Tour for Kurt Cox.

Interview by Laura A. Drumm

ABC Sports on

PCA Caddie corner.

"Six Pack" Jack Lightfoot caddie Senior Tour for Kurt Cox.

Interview by Laura A. Drumm.

Jack Lightfoot is fondly known on the Tours as "Six Pack" Jack. He has been caddying since he was a boy at the age of 13. Jack's father was in the Golf business and Jack had the opportunity to work with the brother of Julius Boros, Ernie Boros with whom he won his first tournament, The Insurance City Open. Jack caddied through school and joined the service at 19, after which he served his country for 20 years and 4 days. He was honorably discharged in 1977 from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Remembering his days as a caddie Jack decided to go back to his first career and caddied at Pinehurst for the next two years. In 1979, Jack was back on the tour caddying for Art Silverstrom and Mike Zack and has been at it ever since. Jack is well known across all the tours and now is a permanent member on the Senior tour, where he caddies for Kurt Cox, Bobby Nichols and others.

Jack's most exciting experience as a caddie came in 1991 when he was working for Bruce Fleisher on the PGA Tour. It was Jack's and Bruce's first Win at the New England Classic. When Bruce rolled in a 50-foot birdie putt to beat Ian Baker-Finch, they jumped for joy. Jacks says that "the best part of the day was when it was over!" Lightfoot says he will never forget the feeling.

Talking to Jack we get a sense of history to be out on tour. For the past 20 years Jack has had the opportunity to work with many fine professionals, but the person he admires the most is Fuzzy Zoeller. Jack and Fuzzy go back a long way. They have worked in-groups and spoken over the years, and Fuzzy has always had a great attitude towards caddies. Jack says he respects them and is always a total gentleman. He has learned a lot from Zoeller.

What caddie does Jack admire most? That's easy, Mike Carrick, Tom Kite's caddie for over 15 years. Jack says Mike has done a lot on the PGA Tour to help Caddies. When asked whom Jack would like to work for again, he said Laura Baugh. Jack used to play to a 8 handicap before his hip started going bad. Jack's hip has been both a source of pain and humor. Jack said his hip was acting up and the doctors had put off his impending operation. He was at a tournament in the Northeast, and fell asleep in the cart. Kurt Cox came over gave him a shake and they went on to the next hole, and he could feel the blood rushing to his face. We are proud to announce that Jack had his hip operation this past Winter, and Jack and his new hip will be out there on the Senior tour when the season starts in Florida, working for Kurt Cox.

Jack's most memorable experience to date is his win with Bruce Feisher in 1991, the players he likes to work with today are Kurt Cox and Bobby Nichols. What Jack likes the most is working with a player on the Range and on the Green. A player has to practice to make it in this game if you don't practice you probably won't make it. The competition is tough on all tours.

What type of player does jack like to work for? Jack says that he can adapt to any personality, he has worked with them all! Jack likes the Idea of having an Association for the Caddies. He has participated in many programs the Association has put on in the past years and likes what he sees. Jack says the Association is growing, it has consistency, and cares about all caddies. He thinks it is great the association is looking to put out its own product line, the new logo is classy and Jack will be proud to wear it.


     Please send gifts here to the Association for Jack. He currently does not have a permanent
residence and we can forward it to him on the road.

PCA Worldwide
Jack Lightfoot
770 Greens Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

     Others to follow we will be at the Senior Tour in Florida. Wed & Thursday.
     Great things are happening.....
     Thank you,
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