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PCA Worldwide. 770 Greens Avenue. Winter Park, FL 32789
Volume 1 Issue 3 - January1999 ©
What is happening in 1999!
The PCA is moving ahead on a fast track.
New Officers and Board Members!
Benefits, Benefits Benefits!

1999 will be a year of expansion. The association will be focusing on the following:

The PGA Tour has allowed the PCA to co-brand merchandise on all three tours. We will be looking for licensee arrangements with other manufactures in order to increase our product line. We are open to any organization working with us that has the betterment of caddies and others at the core of their support.

The PCA will be private labeling their own line of clothing. This will truly benefit the Association. We are in the process of contacting several manufactures that are willing to support us. We will be working with the AAPN to manufacture the caddie line of clothing and products. These are the manufactures who private label clothing for the U.S. Post Office, Habitat for Humanity and other well known associations in the United States.
We have concentrated our efforts on the PGA Tour these past couple of years; we are going to increase our exposure on the Senior, LPGA and Nike tours. We have hired Anissa Vaughn as a consultant to work with the
association and will be traveling on the PGA Tour promoting our products signing up caddies and prospecting for new marketing opportunities.

The "Caddielog" a source of exposure and income. We will constantly be looking for new opportunities and manufactures for our products. We will be looking for sponsors in the area of health care and retirement and will be providing information to our members through our websites. We will be publishing a quarterly newsletter, developing our communication with Caddies on tour and at the club level. And last but not least, we will be adding more and more names to our database.

1999 Visor Pool on all Four Tours.
This is the first time an association will be running a visor pool on all four tours for its Tour members. The PCA currently has $5000 in the pool. Its easy, Pay your $100 dues for 1999 get a pin, sign in at tournament and accumulate points.

We have many plans and tremendous drive to make your association work for you. But we cannot do it alone. We welcome your support and continued guidance in our endeavors.
Officers of the PCA

Laura A. Drumm - President

Brings over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services industry and over 5 years of experience in retail management and merchandising.

Montana Thompson - Vice President

Caddie for Billy Mayfair, Montanna brings over 10 years of experience on the PGA Tour assisted in running the visor contract on the PGA Tour for 5 years. He worked for CBS's on and off during his time on the PGA Tour.

Walt Cerrato - Secretary

Brings years of experience in the golf business, he is currently manager for Jan Stephenson, Caddie on the LPGA and a PGA of America Professional.

Mike Hartman - Treasurer
A.B.A. Accountant
Brings many years of experience to the Association as an accountant and volunteers much of his time helping children achieve a better way of life.

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