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      ABC Sports. Golf
Interview by Laura A. Drumm

ABC Sports. Golf

Interview Laura A. Drumm

John Cooper or "Coop" is fifty years old and plays to a 30 handicap. He likes the game but don't have allot of time to play. He is a part time caddie and a plumber by profession in the North Palm Beach area.

"Coop" started his career as a caddie in high school where he shagged balls at the Everglades CC and later at Palm Beach CC in Florida. Coop loved the freedom and the money caddying provided him. He had the opportunity of working in a group with Mike Springer in 1995 during the Anderson Consulting Tournament at Wingfoot CC in Marramack, NY. He was a club caddie at the time and looking for a bag. Coop ended up working for an amateur during the Anderson Consulting Tournament, and his group won the pro-am that day. It was a great experience.

Coop's favorite player is Mark Brooks, Coop likes his golf game and his personality. His favorite caddie is Herman (Lee Trevino's) caddie. Coop commented, "He is a cool dude!" The most famous player that Coop has worked for is Curtis Strange at the Doral in Miami and Mark Brooks at Loxahatchee CC. Coop admires Mark's professionalism and his respect for the caddie.

John Cooper works well with almost any type of player. His best experience and most enjoyable rounds are when he works with people who are serious about their game. His funniest experience was working with an amateur who took his game very seriously. He wasn't hitting his putts all day they were going left and right of the hole. I walked up to him and told him that he was going to hole the ball and he did!

Coop thinks it's great to have an association for caddies that provides benefits to all the people working out here each week. Coop is excited about the association and would be proud to wear its line of clothing.

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